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I love writing, illustrating, and designing books! My books are available through every major book seller. Here in my shop, you can snag a signed and personalized copy!

  • Tomorrow I’ll be Brave

    Jessica Hische, one of the great designers and typographers, now shows herself equally adept at creating gorgeous and immersive images for young readers. This is a joyous burst of color.

    — Dave Eggers

  • Tomorrow I’ll be Kind

    A friendly, undemanding and positive read, ideal for the end of the nighttime routine.

    — Wall Street Journal

  • In Progress

    Is there any greater thrill than a peek behind the curtain to see how a great magician’s tricks are really done? Jessica Hische provides that peek, and anyone who cares about drawing, lettering, or—dare I say—the power of the written word will be absolutely enthralled with what she reveals.

    — Michael Bierut

  • Who Will U Be?

    It will be easy for children to connect the quest of the letters to their own plans when they get big. The warm palette of colors invites readers in for a closer look at the densely packed illustrations. This book straddles a line between a story for upper and lower elementary readers. A good choice for libraries needing fiction picture books about starting to consider one’s place in the world.

    School Library Journal

Prints for Book Lovers

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Forever Oversharing

If you can’t tell from the abundance of information on this website, I love sharing resources. My journey into becoming an author started through constantly sharing my process—first online and on stage at conferences and then in my first published book In Progress. Once I became a parent, I felt especially motivated to create resources for kids, parents, and teachers.